Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Amazon Pays out $500 Million #1457

June 29, 2020

Amazon is paying out $500 million to those at Amazon most at risk for Covid. This is after they dropped the $2.00 hour extra in wages in June. Second show with the shorter show intro. So far feels pretty good and lets me get into the show faster.
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Show Notes:

* What’s new on Netflix 
* Best noise-canceling headphones
* How the Apple Watch tracks sleep
* Google News will direct users to local COVID-19 info
* Google takes on Amazon
* Amazon Prime Day 2020
* Waze gets a big and bright design update
* Launch of Mars rover Perseverance delayed 
* Trump’s Twitch account gets banned 
* Reddit bans r/the_donald
* 2020 iPhones won’t come with a power adaptor or earbuds
* 11 quick ways to clear space on an Android phone
* Microsoft shuts down retail chain
* Facebook expands its subscription service
* YouTube bans 6 channels
* Google Phone app’s new Verified Calls feature
* Singapore hands out coronavirus tracing devices  
* Microsoft’s new Windows File Recovery tool