Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Moon Toilet Contest #1456

June 25, 2020

Win $35,000 by designing the new Moon Toilet. NASA is having a contest for design ideas for a new lunar toilet. The 1/6 gravity is potentially a bigger issue than a microgravity toilet. It seems strange to me but they need some help. A new intro today for the show to get us into the content sooner expect some more show changes going forward.
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Show Notes:

* Tesla could make its own batteries in California
* What is Windows 10X?
* Verizon 5G home broadband in Houston
* Facebook will tell you when you share old news 
* Lawmakers propose indefinite nationwide ban on facial recognition
* Safari will use Face ID and Touch ID for “frictionless” web sign in
* Discord shuts down major “Boogaloo” server
* Comcast and Mozilla strike privacy deal
* Hey opens its email service to everyone
* Meet the Lordstown Endurance 
* Congress investigating how data broker sells smartphone tracking
* Cadillac will unveil its electric SUV
* Apple reclosing almost all Florida retail stores
* Wirecard collapses owing $4 billion dollars
* Google Photos...