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Geek News Central Podcast

7 in 10 Americans Reject Contact Tracing #1454

June 15, 2020

Contact tracing is proving to be a hot topic by those 55 and over with a majority of Americans reject the idea of being traced. Meanwhile, a new initiative is proving to be unpopular with at least one of my former listeners. For those of you supporting the show in the ways you can I do appreciate it I really do.
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Show Notes:

* Scientists predicting when the sun is going to be more active
* Best Wi-Fi 6 routers
* FCC Republican has “deep reservations”
* Apple claims “half a trillion” dollars
* U.S to unveil voluntary self-driving testing data-sharing effort
* DoorDash will deliver non-prescription essentials from CVS
* T-Mobile outage cuts off users in the U.S.
* Samsung’s $600 5G Galaxy phone launches
* AT&T expands 5G network 
* Jeff Bezos agrees to testify before antitrust hearing
* Tim Cook praises Supreme Court ruling
* Best Android phones under $300.00
* The best Chromebooks
* The U.S. falls out of top 10 fastest broadband speeds
* Apple will give students free AirPods when buying a MacBook Air
* Germany prepares to launch COVID-19 app