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Geek News Central Podcast

Wishlist and Volunteers #1453

June 08, 2020

Starting a new initiative today on the show and have started a wishlist linked below. If you would like to help the show out with gear and or supplies I have a wishlist started on amazon and you can check out. I am also looking for a couple of volunteers who are well written to help me with Social media. This is a volunteer position at this time. Anyway, we will see how it goes. Lots of great content and you will love it if your a Cox customer we will talk about how they are throttling your neighborhoods.
New Amazon Wishlist – Plus your show support at this time is doubly appreciated. I hope you will consider a monthly insider donation and or a one-time annual donation.
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Show Notes:

* Netflix snags Space Force trademarks
* 8 best payment apps
* Brave browser CEO apologizesĀ 
* Catl says new design has one million mile lifespan
* Is police using Clearview to ID protestors?
* Cox slows internet speeds
* NYU report criticizes Facebook
* Study finds security holes in online voting
* Sony reschedules its PS5 eventĀ 
* Twitter says its working on a revamped verification system
* 10 productive ways to kill time with your smartphone
* HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go
* AMD Vs Intel
* Airbnb reports surge in demand
* iPhone la...