Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Apple Tracking Looters #1452

June 04, 2020

Apple is reportedly tracking looters that broke into a Philadelphia Apple store and stole phones and other merchandise. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and law and order can resume. SpaceX is back in the news again with another successful launch. Read about it below. See you next week with a full production schedule.
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Show Notes:

* Signal adds facial recognition 
* Scientists spot “special and familiar” Earth-like planet
* How to spot and avoid tech support refund scams
* Amazon sued over warehouse safety conditions
* Keep a fully charged phone power bank at home
* FCC extends deadline for ISPs to stop charging customers
* CDT to sue Donald Trump 
* Small ISP cancels data caps permanently 
* Hulu will stop working on some older Roku devices
* Tim Cook says Apple “must do more” to combat racism
* Facebook to block ads from state-controlled media
* Facebook now lets everyone export media to Google Photos
* Google says state-backed hackers are targeting campaigns
* Criterion will stream titles by black filmmakers for free
* Slack Q1