Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Facebook Censors Protest #1440

April 21, 2020

Facebook is censoring event planning for protest becoming an extension of the governor’s arms in trying to squelch protest over restrictions surrounding covid-19. I have warned for years that it’s their platform and they will do what they will as they will and if they do not like what you do on their platform they will ban you, silence you and various other activities that they have long been accused of.
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Show Notes:

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* By 2023, some GM facilities will run on 100% renewables
* Don’t get suckered by these coronaviruses scams
* Amazon using thermal cameras to detect COVID-19
* Uber accuses Levandowski of fraud
* Microsoft launches “Plasma Bot”
* Whole Foods is reportedly using a heat map to track stores
* Kickstarter plans layoffs
* Faraday Future gets a $9 million government pandemic loan
* Microsoft Surface Go 2
* Fandango is buying Vudu
* IBM Q1
* Hubble space telescope is celebrating your birthday as it turns 30
* Office 365 is now Microsoft 365
* Aptoide suffered a massive hack
* These are the best Android phones you can buy now