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Geek News Central Podcast

Surveillance with Privacy? #1437

April 10, 2020

Can we have surveillance and still maintain the privacy we as citizens are afforded today that is the question we have to ask our selves as it appears that we are about to have some form of surveillance place upon us from Covid-19. Time will tell but it is something we will have to watch very closely.
I get on my soapbox tonight and get a few things off my chest. The question we have to ask ourselves as a country do we want to be wishful that we make progress on this disease or do we want to be locked in our homes for a long time. I vote to have hope for solutions that will give us some breathing room as enough in this country are already suffering.
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Show Notes:

* Hubble: 30 years of Discovery
* NASA’s plans for a Lunar Base
* Google Pixel 5
* Google Classroom sees a doubling user base
* Facebook supplies UK’s NHS with 2,000 Portals
* Trump needs to answer questions on coronavirus surveillance plans
* NASA solar mission spots wild threads
* Microsoft thinks coronavirus will forever change the way we work and live
* Verizon quietly stops doing broadband installs
* Webcams have become impossible to find
* Yelp lays off 1,000 employees
* Google Pixel 4A
* Lawsuit fights new Baltimore aerial surveillance program
* Apple fixes in macOS Cata...