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Geek News Central Podcast

Is Facebook Providing Location Data to the Government #1436

April 07, 2020

Is Facebook Providing Location Data to the Government this is the question we have to ask in the times we live in? An absolute epic show with a listener call in at the end of the show that you’re going to want to listen to. Ultimate inside baseball discussion about the Navy firing of the Captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. You are not going to want to miss this episode. Best show of the year to date.
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Show Notes:

*  Bright comet ATLAS could blaze in to view this month
* April’s Super Pink Moon
* Mini ozone hole opens over Artic
* Best Gmail for desktop tips and tricks
* Google Doodle gives thanks
* YouTube will throttle coronavirus 5G conspiracy videos
* What is Google Fi?
* Google News gets a dedicated coronavirus news hub
* 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh
* 12 Zoom alternatives 
* Apple will be making medical face shields 
* Microsoft Edge surpassed Firefox users
* 3 employees at Blue Origin test positive for COVID-19
* The FCC will not investigate Donald Trump
* The best USB-C hubs for your laptop or tablet
* NASA sees an &...