Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Amazon Sidewalk #1397

September 27, 2019

Back in the studio for a very busy four days of content creation. First up is the New Media Show on Saturday, followed by the Podcast Awards on Sunday, Then two presentations for the International Podcast day on Monday. Then travel again on Tuesday. The Monday show will be my presentation during international podcast day so I hope you will tune in.
For those watching the video, you can tell I am not used to the new mic. I will call this the lean show.
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Show Notes:

* Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit¬†
* 3 monster black holes are about to collide
* 5 websites that teach you how to hack legally
* The 5 best MoviePass alternatives
* New York sues Dunkin Donuts
* Amazon Sidewalk Wi-Fi
* Google Play apps are laden with malware
* AT&T vows to keep DirecTV
* 13+ iOS 13/iPad OS features
* Tesla starts rolling out the biggest software update
* The best streaming boxes
* FCC approves additional $950 million
* Uber Incubator
* Amazon wants to write the rules on facial recognition
* Facebook will test hiding “likes”
* OnePlus TV
* DoorDash confirms a data breach