Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

SpaceX Internet Available Sooner #1394

September 13, 2019

SpaceX is thinking they can roll out their Internet service faster based on a new Sat deployment strategy. In my opinion it cannot come soon enough. Tonight was a total stream failed. Somehow was not able to maintain connection with the streaming provider and gives me huge concern. I will be doing a lot of testing next week to see what the issue is.
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Show Notes:

* The Office Podcast
* PewDiePie changes mind on donation
* AppleCare+
* SpaceX
* Vudu’s new Family Play mode
* Apple Card
* The DMV is selling your data
* AT&T to lose 1.1 million TV subscribers
* Twitter suspends government-run accounts in Cuba
* Spotify is cracking down
* Alexa Answers
* Google Photos launches Memories
* Facebook Community Standards
* Google and drug addiction recovery
* iPhone 11 Pro will offer faster LTE speeds
* Walmart $98 Delivery Unlimited