Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Instagram & Facebook Photos not Private #1393

September 10, 2019

A big security issue has been found on Instagram and Facebook. Where your shared private images and videos can be easily shared by someone copying the HTML link to the media. The web is secure but the links to the media are not. Continued debugging of the studio here at Geek News Central. Some small changes today with me laying out the schedule for the next month or so.
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Show Notes:

* OneDrive hits 1 billion installs
* An asteroid the size of a big rig
* Ariana Grande space song
* Equifax claims administrator tells victims needs more info
* Apple responds to iPhone factory criticism 
* What to expect at Apple’s event
* Bill De Blasio wants a robot tax
* Pixel 4 astrophotography mode
* Uber Freight
* YouTube promised to halt comments on kids videos
* Google faces antitrust investigation
* Linkedin loses appeal
* Samsung and SK Telecom 5G capable 8K TV
* Amazon employees are walking out
* 101 ways to use the new Nest Hub Max
* Astronauts make first cement in space