Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Amazon uses Tips to Pay Drivers Wages #1390

August 23, 2019

Amazon apparently was caught paying there deliver drivers with Tips they received versus paying them a fair wage and letting them keep their tips. This is the ultimate cheap charlie tactic I think I have ever seen. Big happening here this weekend with the install of the Audimute panels and finishing the studio design. Very exciting times ahead.
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Show Notes:

* SpaceX “Starhopper”
* 5G global revenues will double by 2020
* 8 browsers extensions you should remove
* How to monitor and limit your data usage
* People are using Snapchat for smuggling guns
* Apple wants and needs more female coders
* The FCC has no idea
* Amazon will no longer use tips to pay delivery drivers
* iPhone Pro, new iPad, and 16-inch Macbook Pro details
* Verizon and Boingo
* Overstock CEO resigns
* AmazonFresh grocery delivery expands
* Salesforce Q2
* Phone companies and state attorney generals unite
* Knewz
* DoorDash announces a new tipping policy
* YouTube shut down 210 channels
* Virgin Galatic next space plane