Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Google Sues Copyright Troll #1389

August 19, 2019

Google is suing a Copyright troll that was issuing false DMCA takedowns. This unusual action is after the troll was trying to extort money from those he falsely accused. Grab your popcorn folks. I am back from my time in Florida. Lots happening this week. Studio design install happens on Sunday. Expect some pictures very exciting times. Details in the show tonight.
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Show Notes:

* Hubble Telescope solves a galactic identity crisis
* TCL could be a new player
* The best Bluetooth headsets
* The best Roku web browsers
* The 6 best weather stations
* Apple bug mishap leads to iOS 12.4 jailbreak
* Instagram will pay researchers to uncover abuse
* NASA eyes trippy tie-dye clouds
* Reddit experiments with live streaming
* YouTube sues
* Microsofts new SMS Organizer app for Android
* Ransomware strikes take down 23 agencies
* Apple Powerbeats Pro
* Newt Gingrich proposes $2 billion human Moon lander
* eBay and Shopify pull listings on Jeffery Epstein merch
* Tesla launches a rental plan
* 85 Google Play apps forced fullscreen a...