Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Apple 1 Million Dollar Bounty #1388

August 09, 2019

Apple is offering a 1 Million dollar bug bounty for bugs found in its kernel. This is by far the biggest bounty ever offered and should help incentivize people to turn in those bugs. I had an event that went late last evening thus the Friday morning recording. Quick show today so enjoy and have a great weekend.
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Show Notes:

* Sick of irrelevant YouTube recommendations?
* Google is giving students 3 months of YouTube
* Republicans suspend Twitter ad spending
* Facebook seeks to pay millions to license news
* The FCC says 5G is safe, again
* Apple Music for Artists
* Twitch unveils its own desktop broadcasting app
* Apple expands bug bounty
* Dropbox Q2
* Uber Q2
* Space radiation will damage Mars astronauts
* Netflix and Game of Thrones showrunners
* How to play local files on your streaming devices
* Postmates will test delivery robots
* Lawmakers turn to hackers at Defcon
* AT&T and CBS end blackout
* How to spot scam iOS apps