Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

YouTube Tweaks #1386

August 01, 2019

YouTube is tweaking the signals it uses to rank kids video. There are winners and losers in this content game. When will creators learn that they need to take control of there brands and quit playing Russian roulette with their incomes? I am back in the Michigan studio. Two shows next week from the studio here.
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Show Notes:

* NASA Chief says Moon 2024 plans won’t rob fund
* This 3D map of the Milky Way
* YouTube tweaks kids video’s algorithms
* Electrify America will use robots
* Hubble telescope spots WASP
* Hulu available on Android TV
* FCC greenlights $20 billion rural broadband auction
* Facebook removes accounts says tied to Saudi Government
* The 5 best $100 laptops
* Doctor Who will stream on HBO Max
* Amazon is going to kill your Dash button
* Intel launches 10th-gen “Ice Lake” chips
* Google is testing a Play Pass subscription service
* Comcast Xfinity Mobile now charges extra for HD streaming
* 10 new science fiction and fantasy novels
* FCC finally orders ISP’s
* Cisco pays $8.