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Celebrating NY with On Location Tours and Mike Dolce
September 28, 2019

There’s no better way to celebrate New York then by talking about our experiences with On Location Tours. Joining Laura of The Geek Chic Elite this episode is Mike Dolce, of the Secrets of the Sire Podcast. He was kind enough to invite me on the Secrets o

The Legacy of Barbie with Robin Gerber
September 20, 2019

Historian, author and speaker Robin Gerber divulges into the legacy of Barbie with her new book, Barbie Forever: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy (September 24, 2019). There are few things nerdier then Barbie, and in this episode we explore the histor

Chris Jaymes Talks Sons of Chaos with the GCE
July 18, 2019

The Geek Chic Elite Podcast spoke with Chris Jaymes this week on his new graphic novel, Sons of Chaos. He’s written, produced, directed and acted in a number of projects including Lost, Netflix’s Bad Samaritans, The Human Common and Boxing Day. But his l

Eisner Award Nominee Rachel Smythe
June 11, 2019

Each year, San Diego Comic Con hosts the Eisner Awards, which highlight the accomplishments and achievements of creator’s and industry professionals in comic books. For our annual relaunch of the GCE podcast, we spoke to first-time Eisner Award nominee Ra

Comic Book Portfolio Reviews with Tom Akel at Keystone Comic Con
September 18, 2018

Of the many incredible things you can see or do at a comic convention, having a portfolio review by an industry professional is one of them, but it can be a very daunting task for the prospective creator. The GCE spoke with Line Webtoon's Head of Content

Getting to Know Dale Lazarov at Keystone Comic Con
September 17, 2018

One of my favorite things about comic cons is roaming the aisles of Artist Alley and discovering talent and creators unbeknownst to you before. In this case, writer, art director and licensor Dale Lazarov posted in a Keystone Comic Con group that he was a

Bob McLeod Talks Comic Book Inspiration and Legacy at Wizard World Philadelphia
July 04, 2018

Legendary comic book artist Bob McLeod came one the podcast and recorded this interview the Geek Chic Elite back in May 2018 at Wizard World Philadelphia. In this interview, McLeod recounts his inspiration outside of other comic book artists, his current

Artist Ellie Morlino at Wizard World Philadelphia 2018
June 03, 2018

Ellie Morlino's art caught The Geek Chic Elite's attention while attending Wizard World Philadelphia 2018. The artist, currently exhibiting as an illustrator and in school for computer animation, chatted with us about Saturday morning cartoon inspirations

Chatting with Extra Life at Wizard World Philadelphia 2018
May 29, 2018

Extra Life is a charity gaming organization that has raised over $40 million since its inception, ten years ago. The Geek Chic Elite spoke with rep Mike Torres as Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 to learn more about the program and how anyone can truly beco

Avengers Infinity War Spoilers
May 04, 2018

This week, Laura brings Gary on board to talk spoilers, reactions and theories on one of the biggest movies ever, Avengers Infinity War. The movie is the culmination of ten years of Marvel's hard work into their cinematic empire. Is there any stopping thi