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#249 Michael Keeling
June 19, 2024

Michael Keeling is a Production Designer, Creative/Show Designer Director and as it says on his website, Veteran (he said it not us!) as Creative and Producer for Live Concert, Festivals, Content, Artist-Production, Media Campaigns and Creative Productio

#248 - Phay MacMahon
June 12, 2024

Phay Mac Mahon started his career in production management in 1976 with Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats. Since then he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Pink, Shakira, George Michael, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Nicki Minaj

#247 - Joe Casanova
June 05, 2024

Joe started back in the 80s on the rental and production side of Century Music Systems Inc and worked as a staff engineer prepping tours, repairing equipment, training new road staff, and then engineering shows for Showco. Some of the artists for Showco

#246 - Mike “FINN” Finocchiaro
May 30, 2024

Mike FINN Finocchiaro is a twenty-five year veteran of the live entertainment industry. With roots as a touring lighting technician and a successful career in event production, Mike has grown to be one of the most well respected production managers work

#245 - Bob Harmon - Eggshell Lighting Company
May 29, 2024

Robert (Bob) Harmon is one of the hands down NICEST guys in the industry. You know you've made a mark in this industry when Bob approaches you at a tradeshow and hands you a bag of Hawaiian coffee. Bob started his first business at 12 years old and fo

#244 - Claude Viens
May 22, 2024

Claude Viens is a Product Specialist at Lighting at AVL Media Group in Montreal, Canada. Claude is responsible for projects and support in North America. Claude spearheaded AVLs continued growth in the professional lighting and visual effects marketpla

#243 - Jim Woodward
May 15, 2024

Jim Woodward is an award-winning designer whose expertise is 3D visualization, rendering, and modeling for a wide variety of industries including concert & theatrical events, film, television, corporate events, trade shows, museums, architectural firm

#242 - Steve Warren
May 08, 2024

Steve Warren was a Shareholder and Director of Avolites Ltd until to its recent sale to Robe. For over 35 years, Steve was the public face of the console and dimming manufacturer. He began his career designing electrical layouts for hospitals, police stat

#241 - Michael Nevitt, Crossfade Design
May 01, 2024

Michael has spent 30+ years in the entertainment industry. First as a freelancer, then in 2011, Michael joined forces with other designers to create Crossfade Design, LLC. During that time, he has created designs for small,medium and large-scale events wo

#240 - David Haskell from Gateway Studios
April 25, 2024

David has been in the industry more than 40 years. He was President at Morris | Light & Sound, Integration before SoloTech acquired Morris. David is now the President of Business Development for Gateway Studios & Production Services (GSPS).  Gate