Gay Therapy LA with Ken Howard, LCSW, CST

Gay Therapy LA with Ken Howard, LCSW, CST

Latest Episodes

Episode 150: Gay Men's Relationships: When You Want Kids and He Doesn't
June 11, 2024

Ken gives guidance on how gay men in relationships can discuss whether to have kids, and their options for doing so.

Episode 149: Confronting Religious Moralism in Therapy for Gay Men
May 21, 2024

Ken discusses the subtle and insidious ways that religious moralism undermines professional mental health services delivery (psychotherapy) for the broader LGBTQ+ community and more specifically for g

Episode 148: How to Get Your Financial Life Together: A Guide for Gay Men
April 27, 2024

Ken reviews the psychological, clinical dynamics of money management, planning aspects of your financial life, and how to talk to the people in your life to reduce financial anxiety and support long-t

Episode 147: Gay Men and How to Recover from a Breakup
April 05, 2024

Based on his 32 years as a gay men's specialist psychotherapist, sex therapist, and coach, Ken Howard, LCSW, CST gives 21 tips for gay men and how to recover from a breakup.

Episode 146: Gay Men and Starting Your Own Business
March 21, 2024

Ken gives guidance on gay men and starting your own business, based on his own experience owning a business for over 25 years, and providing career/executive coaching to the Gay Male Solo Entpreneur,

Episode 145: Gay Men and How to Be a Better Lover
March 11, 2024

Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, gives thirteen tips for gay men on how to be a better lover, based on his thirty-year experience as a gay men's specialist therapist, coach, and

Episode 144: Gay Men and Wealth: Coping with Rewards and Challenges
February 24, 2024

Gay therapist Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, discusses gay men and wealth: rewards, challenges, how to cope with those challenges, and how to develop a social support network.

Episode 143: Seven Ways to Enhance a Gay Men's Relationship for Satisfaction and Longevity
February 04, 2024

Gay therapist Ken Howard, LCSW, CST gives seven secret tips and recommendations for how gay male couples and polycules can enhance their relationship for both longevity and satisfaction.

Episode 142: Gay Men and the Emotional Benefits of Kink Play
January 23, 2024

Ken describes the emotional benefits of kink play for gay men, with their implications for daily life and personal self-empowerment.

Episode 141: Gay Men and Gender Role Enforcement Rage
January 14, 2024

Ken describes Gender Role Enforcement Rage: what it is, who is doing it, its harms, and what to do about it.