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Episode #48: New Biosimilars Available to Treat IBD (what it means for your patients)
September 26, 2023

This summer, four new biosimilar drugs became available to U.S. patients and several more are expected to hit the market soon. Dr. Michael Weinstein interviews Laura D. Wingate, executive vice pres

Episode #47: Let’s Talk About the Financial Burden of a Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis (and how it affects outcomes for patients)
April 25, 2023

Dr. Lisa Mathew interviews Dr. Veena Shankaran, co-director of Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, about a new study that found most patients with metastatic colorectal cancer face fina

Episode #46: Developing Better Healthcare Payment Models (that don’t reward consolidation at the expense of private practice)
April 11, 2023

Dr. Fred Rosenberg interviews Harold Miller, president and CEO of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform, national policy center that works to improve healthcare payment and delivery sys

Episode 45: Breaking Down Barriers to CRC Screening (understanding the lives of patients outside the doctor’s office)
March 28, 2023

Dr. Lisa Mathew interviews Giselle Carlotta-McDonald, who is the executive director of Project Access-New Haven, which employs community health workers to address colorectal cancer (CRC) screening dis

Episode #44: Increasing CRC Screening Rates in Latino Communities (awareness and access to care are key to success)
March 14, 2023

For Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Fred Rosenberg interviews Dr. Abdul Saied Calvino, a surgical oncologist at Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island and assistant professor

Episode #43: If You’re Caring for Patients, Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself (how to reduce stress and address burnout)
February 07, 2023

Many independent GI practices are familiar with the effects of physician burnout, which has become an epidemic in the U.S. health care system. Almost two-thirds of physicians have reported signs of bu

Episode #42: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast (and other reasons why pursuing an Executive MBA might be a good idea)
December 06, 2022

Dr. Lisa Mathew interviews Dr. Vasu Appaleneni, a practicing gastroenterologist at Dayton Gastroenterology, and executive vice president of clinical innovation at One GI, a physician-led managed servi

Episode #41: Finding Community Through Girls With Guts (how its network works to empower women with IBD and ostomy)
November 15, 2022

Dr. Fred Rosenberg interviews Jenny Harrison, who is the director of communications of Girls with Guts, a non-profit organization that supports and empowers women with inflammatory bowel disease and/o

Episode #40: New Ways to Prevent Esophageal Cancer (make screening for Barrett’s more accessible, less expensive)
October 17, 2022

Dr. Michael Weinstein interviews Dr. Prasad Iyer about new approaches to screening patients and detecting earlier stages of Barretts esophagus and associated dysplasia that can prevent esophageal can

Episode #39: The Next Generation GI Physicians are Ready (and they are excited about the future)
August 23, 2022

Dr. Naresh Gunaratnam interviews Dr. Justin Forde about what GI fellows are focused on and thinking about as they begin their careers and what innovations they may bring into the organizations they jo