Game Theory Today with Eric Garland

Game Theory Today with Eric Garland

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Alex Jones, GOP Leader
February 05, 2021 which Alex Jones combines forces with the the entire Republican Party.

Cuban White Supremacists and Vermont Nazis
January 29, 2021

Proud Boys leader turns out to be an FBI informant, pro-Putin governments in Europe melt down, DOJ brings charges of election interference.

The Texas Attorney General Facing Life In Prison
December 11, 2020

The Texas Attorney General attacking Pennsylvania's right to seat presidential electors has been facing 99 years in prison - the whole time.

Creating COVID Propaganda with Mall Santas
October 27, 2020

Trump's White House gives up the fight on COVID - but their bizarre propaganda plans are revealed. China braces for diplomatic consequences.

Russian Intelligence Indictment - and a May 2018 flashback
October 20, 2020

Analysis of the latest DOJ indictment of Russian military intelligence for its global crime spree attacking democracies.

The Greatest Scandal in American History
October 16, 2020

A secret Mueller investigation disclosed October 14 reveals a bribe by the state of Egypt directly to Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Convicted Foreign Agents at the Top of the GOP
October 13, 2020

A top Republican pleads guilty to Foreign Agents Registration Act charges normally reserved for Nazis and Russian spies.

COVID Chaos and China, Cut Off
October 06, 2020

Trump and COVID - why America hasn't faced such a discontinuity of power since Coolidge. The Quad Alliance challenges China.

Donald Trump Is a Russian Agent in the White House
October 02, 2020

The GOP teams up directly with Vladimir Putin, and the distinction between Trump as an agent or an asset of Russian intelligence becomes moot.

Trump Doesn’t Believe In Elections
September 28, 2020

Trump suggests he’s considering civil war, The FinCEN Files exposes global financial crimes in a historic way, Wall Street pays record penalties with criminal charges on the horizon, and the head of C