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A-Cat-Nophobia - Ep 9
March 27, 2019

Everyone is back this episode! Pikalyn gushes about Satisfactory and the Division 2, Patrick talks about some scout dogs in War Groove, and both Patrick and Lexi share their stealthy tales in Seriko: Shadows Die Twice. The Metacritic Game has also made a

Devil May Care to Cry - Ep 8
March 13, 2019

Lexi gets over her illness by spreading it to Pikalyn. Patrick and Lexi discuss Devil May Cry 5 this episode, as well as a the leak for Apex Legends, Toe Jame & Earl: Back in the Groove, the Borderlands teaser, and share excitement about the upcoming

Grass Monkey - Ep 7
February 27, 2019

Lexi is out sick for this episode, so Patrick and Pikalyn take over the podcast with Pokemon talk!

It's a Nutty One - Ep 6
February 13, 2019

In this episode of Game Gush, the gang talks about the out of no where Battle Royale game Apex Legends, Pikalyn chats about Jump Force, we take a bit of a dive into the Nintendo Direct, and wrap it all up with a nice user review game. 

Zombie Love - Ep 5
February 03, 2019

Join us as we all gush about Resident Evil 2, Pikalyn tells us a bit about Kingdom Hearts 3, and Patrick sums up what Travis Strikes Again is like. 

Baddy Bad - Ep 4
February 03, 2019

We have officially recorded this podcast in the new year so this time we decided to talk about some games coming out!

Games of 2018 - Ep 3
February 03, 2019

In today's episode we gush about our favorite games in 2018, and some we missed but would still like to check out.

I Fell Good - Ep 2
February 03, 2019

This episode of Game Gush has the gang enjoying the hell out of the story mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while discussing the poopiness of Fallout 76. They end the podcast with a new game.

Cocking and Balls - Ep 1
February 03, 2019

In the first episode: Patrick talks about cocking, Pikalyn has two balls, and Chelsea get into gushing.