Governed by God

Governed by God

S3E13 – Putting the Death Penalty to Death

February 22, 2023

Although I intended to go back to our series on tyranny, today I deviated yet again by looking at a speech given by Governor Shapiro of Pennsylvania on February 16, 2023. Speaking from a church in Philadelphia, Governor Shapiro discusses the topic of the death penalty. By advocating for a complete abolishment of the death penalty, he is actually failing to do his God-given duty as a civil magistrate. So, today I offer a review and critique of his speech from a biblical perspective.

01:15 – Passage of the Day: Genesis 9:6 (Institution of Capital Punishment) and Ecclesiastes 8:11 (Deterrence of Crime)

06:00 – Review of Governor Shapiro’s address on February 16, 2023 concerning the death penalty. The link to the full speech can be found below:

Governor Shapiro Announcement on Criminal Justice

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