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The Reality of Symbiosis
March 25, 2021

Sometimes reality catches up with fiction really fast. In their work, designer Noam Youngrak Son often experiments with blurring boundaries between science fiction and reality. Whether it concerns speculative scenario’s on the value of viruses or a book s

Nonhuman Nonsense: The Paradox of Anthropomorphism
December 22, 2020

Nonhuman Nonsense challenges the consensus with speculative art-sci projects.  Trough design and art, they open up the discussion and enable access to underlying layers of politics, ethics and metaphysics. In this third podcast in the series 'Beyond Human

Sentientism: Evidence Based Compassion
November 10, 2020

In this second Beyond Human Relations podcast, Annika van den Born goes into conversation with Jamie Woodhouse, the (unwilfully) declared spokesman of Sentientism. Sentientism is a philosophy or worldview – a way of thinking about what to believe and what

The Categorization of Migration Reality
November 04, 2020

Although migration and diversity are key factors in some of the most fundamental transformations of society today, there is still widespread unawareness and an abundance of myths around this topic. Moreover, the definition of “migrant” is highly divers an

What a Strange Self!
October 12, 2020

Do I know myself through and through? Is there a clear distinction between myself and the other? Or am I always somewhat of a stranger to myself, while the other is strangely familiar? In this podcast philosopher and researcher Femke van Hout address t...

Intersectionality: Questioning Power Structures
September 04, 2020

Future Based Politics

Landscaping Facts and Fiction – Beyond Human Relations
August 23, 2020

Future Based: More than Human Relations

Recognition and Responsibility – Future Based Politics
August 14, 2020

This Future Based-podcast series hosted by Floris Schleicher, brings you conversations about our political institutions. Topics discussed include: How are our political institutions designed? To what extent can they cope with 21st century problems like...

What Economics Should Do – Future Based Politics
July 04, 2020

Future Based Politics

New Rituals – Lisa Mandemaker
June 22, 2020

Lisa Mandemaker is a social designer with a strategic, contextually […]