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Future Proof Careers

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Episode 3: Healthy minds @ work: Top advice from mental-health expert and QA Alumna
July 11, 2019

Top advice from mental-health expert Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson and QA Alumna Vanessa Cowpland.

Episode 2: Rock your next job interview: Top tips from Dan Farrar at Visa
April 04, 2019

Dan Farrar, Next Generation Talent Manager at Visa Europe sits down with us to share his best advice on how young job-seekers can catch a hiring manager’s attention.

Episode 1: Choosing your first employer – are you missing the big picture?
January 25, 2019

People generally aspire to work for big, established corporations or popular, up-and-coming brands – Google, Apple, IBM, Intel, Facebook. In today’s world, geeky has turned chic and everyone wants a spot at the ‘cool table’.   But what is the most rewardi

Trailer: Welcome to Future Proof Careers
January 24, 2019

Welcome to The Future Proof Podcast, well the trailer actually.What is The Future Proof Podcast podcast you may be asking?Well, this is the podcast that dedicates itself to assessing todays job market, while raising the essential questions that eve