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Louise Mahler – Global keynote speaker, ex-opera singer and expert in voice and influence
September 13, 2020

Louise Mahler is an absolute joy to chat to! An internationally renowned speaker and executive coach, she is also very funny and has loads of stories to tell. From growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane, Louise headed off to Europe and sang in operas fr...

Jeff Green and Matt Elsbury – connecting with exasperation
March 11, 2020

Interview 8 - Jeff Green and Matt Elsbury From the gains and losses of late-in-life parenting, the demise of heckling and the social media 'self-esteem train', to building comedy bridges on the back of global disasters...

Mitchell Faircloth – Punter to punter
November 21, 2019

Interview 7 - Mitchell Faircloth Mitchell is perhaps best known as ‘Slim Whittle’, playing alongside a cast including Tracy Harvey, Tony Rickards as "Con Marasco" and John Rothfield as "Dr Turf" on ‘Punter to Punter’ –

Steve Kearney and Neill Gladwin – Los Trios Ringbarkus
September 09, 2019

Interview 6 - Steve Kearney and Neill Gladwin From the primordial soup of the late 70’s, free education, Dada discomfort, performance art, teacher training at Rusden, Buster Keaton and post ‘vaudevillia’ came the bumbling genius of Steve Kearney...

Lauren Bok and Joanne Brookfield
May 01, 2019

Interview 5 - Lauren Bok and Joanne Brookfield "I've felt the steely, cold wind of a giant bomb stinking up the stage and when you get off and you're like, I can't look anyone in the eye...I'm going home to wash myself of the failure that is sur...

Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs
March 01, 2019

Interview 4 - Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs Tune into a rapid fire chat with the authors of the book and hit show: 'Women like us', Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs. In an hilarious look at gender stereotypes, parenting,

Hung Le and Rod Quantock
February 01, 2019

Interview 1 - Hung Le and Rod Quantock Stella brings in the maiden interview of the 'Funny about books' podcast live at the Newport Comedy Room with special guests and legendary comics - Rod Quantock and Hung Le.

Richard Stubbs
January 08, 2019

Interview 3 - Richard Stubbs and Evan Hocking Comedy, radio and TV icon - Richard Stubbs - joins Stella and 'grass roots' comic Evan Hocking for a wild discussion covering everything from duty free to running the country. Richard,

Greg Fleet
October 31, 2018

Interview 2 - Greg Fleet Veteran comedian and author of three books - Greg Fleet - joins Stella in a walk down (sketchy?) memory lane when comedy venues like The Last Laugh and The Prince Patrick were the 'Valhalla' of aspiring comics.