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Fan Expo: Behind the Scenes of Some of Your Favorite Comic Cons
August 10, 2022

Friend to the show, Jorge from DadToyz pinch hits for Parker this week as he and Tim talk about the many Fan Expo events throughout North America and Canada.  They are joined by the Comics Relations D

Collecting Trends, Fads & Tips During a Recession
July 28, 2022

Is Funko the new Beanie Baby?  Tim and Parker discuss why they believe Funko is not a fad. Also, times are tough and collectors are tightening their purse strings during the recession. Listen to find

What Are You Talking Aboot? The Walking Dead Eh
July 14, 2022

Tim and Parker are joined by their favorite Canadian and Toy Queen, Big Ern aka Erin Jardine!  Join in on the conversation as the trio discuss all things The Walking Dead.  Plus, Big Ern takes on Tim

Summer’s in Full Swing: Happy Independence Day
July 06, 2022

Lots and lots of Brat(wurst) talk.  Tim and Parker discuss some of their 4th of July traditions, as well as some of their favorite Summer activities.  Plus, Parker quizzes Tim on  the history of Indep

LEGO Masters. You Had Me at Lego
June 29, 2022

Tim and Parker’s love of LEGO is well documented.  On this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by professional LEGO artist and Season 1 contestant of LEGO Masters, Jermaine Gardner, better known as

Episode 46 – DadToyz Takeover
June 23, 2022

Tim and Parker welcome Jorge aka DadToyz back to the funnerdome, only this time Jorge’s the one asking the questions!  Learn a bit about Tim and Jorge’s adventures at the recent MegaCon in Orlando.  P

Episode 45 – Best Movie Villains of All Time?
June 16, 2022

Tim and Parker share a few of their pet peeves (hint – back up a few feet people & please wait your turn).  Sometimes these pet peeves are enough to push you over the edge, perhaps even enough to unlo

Episode 44 – NFTs, Gaming & the Metaverse
June 09, 2022

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are one of the hottest new trends in the collecting world and the only thing non fun we allow in the funnerdome. Tim and Parker discuss these digital assets and how they ha

Episode 43 – Summer Blockbuster Movies
June 01, 2022

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the Summer and that means Summer Blockbuster movies baby!   Tim and Parker discuss all their must see movies this Summer to get you out of the heat and into a n

Episode 42 – Did You Buy a Fake?
May 18, 2022

Have you ever been online looking to purchase that coveted item to add to your collection and something just seemed off?  Perhaps the price was too good to be true or the item just didn’t look exactly