Full Spectrum Cycling

Full Spectrum Cycling

Full Spectrum #147 – Big Sexy Gets Clipped by a Car in Louisiana plus We’ve Got Fatbike Cranks!

January 14, 2022

Show #147 - From the Riverwest PodcastMKE.org studio this is Full Spectrum Cycling. Sven, JK and Tony Talk some Schmack (see below) and Big Sexy is back home in Louisiana where he got clipped by an inattentive driver. A tumble in the ditch ensued. Learn more, listen now!

Progressin the PodcastMKE.org studio!

Talkin’ Schmack

UPAF Hoan loop to Cudahy (or longer) June 5th 7am-10am Hoan shutdownFound Tony’s Box 9 Derailleur, Finally!Sam McMahon on the road in Mexico -  Jesus is big down there!Sent the Stella Ti down the road. Did I mention that last week?We’ve got lots of fatbike cranksRaceFace, Ride, Turbine, NextRSurly (maybe 1 of those OD puppiesFSA, Comet and AfterburnerA dusty SRAM X5 or 2Lunch with Lunz - Polar Roll ChatterElectric Bike Kits are here. Now we just need bikes!Sending a Growler down the road??Headed to DoorCo

Things I Dig aka A Few Of My Favorite Things


Rode Wireless GO II

Show Guest(s) - Big Sexy

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Sam in Mexico!

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