#FSCK 'Em All!

#FSCK 'Em All!

Mini-Pod: Wreck It, Ralph (Episode 92)

February 11, 2019

Join us this week as we go over the extended political f*ckery happening in Virginia, yet another conviction vacated in Indiana because of prosecutorial misconduct, and officer-involved puppycide in California, Florida, Illinois, and Indiana.
Special thanks to AY Shah on Twitter for providing the inspiration for this week’s cover art!
*THANK YOU* to this week’s Show Note Sponsors (Anon, Trey Benfield, Rob Elder, Melanie Greenan, Judi Kane, Colleen Mahaney, Charlotte Mobley, and Michael Teal) and our #Law140 Lovers (Andrew Murphy, Erica Phillips, Helen Poston, Joe Sevits, and Michael VanOrder)!
Show Notes:

* Virginia Governor apologizes for appearing in blackface + KKK photo… (Washington Post)

* …then says it wasn’t him (Virginian-Pilot)
* …but was called “Coonman” in college (WSLS 10)
* …and dressed in blackface at a party (The Hill)

* Virginia Lieutenant Governor is accused of sexual assault… (NY Times)

* …by two different women (Washington Post)

* Virginia Attorney General meets with black legislators to confess he dressed in blackface too (Washington Post)
* Next in line for Virginia Governor? The Republican Speaker of the House (Twitter)
* Seventh Circuit: Attempted murder conviction of Mack Sims overturned after prosecution hid that key witness was hypnotized (ProPublica)

* The 7th Circuit’s opinion in Sims v. Hyatte (Justia)
* Our episode last week on Fred Clay, who was also convicted by hypnosis testimony (Fsck #91)
* Our earlier episode on prosecutorial misconduct in Elkhart (Fsck #77)

* ARIZONA: Glendale PD officer Matt Schneider helps tase innocent passenger Johnny Wheatcroft 11 times, including in the testicles (KNXV 15)
* CALIFORNIA: Contra Costa County judge Charles Treat denies police union’s demand to block new transparency law (Mercury News)