#FSCK 'Em All!

#FSCK 'Em All!

GOP: Gross Old Pedophiles (Episode 37)

November 13, 2017

Join us this week as we cover Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore’s taste for underage girls, some good news out of the Baltimore PD, and Los Angeles police confirming both the 1st and 3rd Rules of Fsck at the exact. same. time. Then in our #Law140 section we go over the basic tenets of contract law!
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Show Notes:

* Your President is still an idiot (Twitter)
* Roy Moore is a pedophile (Washington Post)
* …and people knew about it for years (Raw Story)
* …and Alabama Republicans are fine with that (Twitter)
* …so are Republican “intellectuals” (Twitter)
* …and so is Roy Moore (The Right Scoop)
* TSA misses weapons 70%+ of the time (CBS News)
* New study shows community nonprofits reduce crime more than policing (NY Times)

* Sam Sinyangwe’s thread with more details (Twitter)

* Postal Service delays DACA renewal mail (NY Times)
* Radley Balko wins the 2017 Bastiat Prize (Reason Foundation)
* Military routinely fails to share data on servicemember crimes (Stars & Stripes)
* ALABAMA: Police steal $1,750 for improperly backing out of driveway (AL.com)
* CALIFORNIA: LAPD caught on bodycam planting drugs in black man’s wallet (CBS 2 LA)
* CALIFORNIA: Data shows no crime jump after reform efforts (Orange County Register)
* DC: Government drops case against woman who laughed at Jeff Sessions (NPR)

* Our episode when the original conviction was thrown out (Fsck ‘Em All)

* FLORIDA: Miami demands media stop using pictures of fired firefighters (Boing Boing)