Frost & Cinder

Frost & Cinder

Frosty Freedom with Zac Zaharias

August 06, 2017

Zac Zaharias is a deeply experienced high altitude mountaineer from Australia. He has summited six of the world’s fourteen 8000m peaks. He was part of the 1st Australian ascent of Broad Peak and Dhaulagiri. He was part of the 2nd Australian ascent of Denali in Alaska in 1982. He has climbed Everest, Spantik Peak, and Ganesh IV, among many others. He is the president of the Canberra Climbers Association. Today he shares some of Australia’s history of high altitude mountaineering and his stories from decades of frosty freedom on the shining merciless sharks teeth of the Himalaya. This conversation is full of rich insight and valuable knowledge for aspiring climbers.

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