Frost & Cinder

Frost & Cinder

Climbing Mt Baker in a Day

March 11, 2017

Mount Baker is a beast of a mountain. It’s one of the chain of volcanoes in the Cascade Volcanic Arc that runs north-south through Washington State in the gorgeous american pacific northwest. Its situated near the border between Washington State and Canada and is prominent on the Vancouver skyline. It stands at 10,780 feet, almost 3,300 metres, and is the third highest mountain in Washington State. After Mt Rainier, it is the most heavily glaciated of the Cascade Range volcanoes. It is often climbed and skiied, but usually in a couple of days. Most teams climb to the foot of the glacier, establish a base camp and set off early in the morning for the summit. Some of the mountain’s tougher customers do it differently, though. Today we’re chatting to Kellie. She’s an aerospace engineer based in Melbourne and recently spent two years living and working in Seattle. During that time she got into mountain climbing in a big way. One of her most significant and memorable mountaineering experiences was climbing Baker in a day.

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