From The Spot Soccer Podcast

From The Spot Soccer Podcast

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USMNT | vs. Panama & Costa Rica
January 23, 2019

An overview of the USMNT's upcoming matches against Panama (27 JAN 2019) and vs. Costa Rica (02 FEB 2019). We take a look at the young group of MLS players who have been selected and what to expect under the new coach of the Yanks.

Episode 2: Matchday 23 with an action packed Premier League, Trouble at Stamford Bridge; Americans making waves in Europe
January 20, 2019

Covering the news and matches of Game 23 in the Premier League, touching on more issues with players, mangers, and clubs. Reviewing some of the US players in Europe and how they are looking and what the future holds for them. Also, some MLS news.

Episode 1
January 14, 2019

Overview of the Premier League's Week 22 big-game match-ups, who is taking the top of the table?, manager problems, young USMNT thoughts, and transfer rumors.