From A Mustard Seed..

From A Mustard Seed..

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Hot Chocolate Monday’s with Dougie Fresh: Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!
February 04, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of hot chocolate Monday’s!

Bonus Episode: 25 tips to Maintain Healthy Boundaries
February 02, 2019

Listen in on some tips to maintain healthy boundaries!

Episode 5: Holllup
January 30, 2019

We talk boundaries

Episode 4: Finding your inner LIONESS through your LONELINESS
January 24, 2019

Periods of solitude are necessary for growth! Hear my thoughts on why it’s important and what perspective I have adopted through my own own lonely periods. You can’t really develop into all you are meant to be without first quieting the outside noise!

Episode 3: Petty Betty’s and What I Don’t Do!
January 24, 2019

Today we discuss how to deal with pettiness and petty people. Sometimes we find ourselves confronted with situations that can either bring out the best in us or push us to our worse. What we won’t do is allow someone to control our emotions or cause a s

Episode 2: Who Asked You?
January 24, 2019

In a world dominated by “popular opinion” we discuss how to create boundaries around negative opinions and how to check opinionated ways.

Episode 1: it’s OK to be Confident!
January 24, 2019

Today we talk about confirming your confidence! Its not always comfortable to be confident but in confirming your confidence you strengthen your faith and your purpose.