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The Viewer Suggestion Episode - Friends & Nice Guys Podcast EP 04
February 05, 2019

In todays Friends & Nice guys podcast, We were kinda strapped for we decided to turn to our twitter( @Friendsniceguys ) to ask you guys want you wanted us to talk about! This episode has Jack and Callum talk about The SuperBowl, Hytale and HM

Fame & Being Famous - Friends & Nice Guys Podcast Ep 03
January 30, 2019

In todays episode of the friends and nice guys podcast, Jack and Callum talk about whether or not they would like to be, or consider themselves Famous. They also discuss James Charles shutting down Birmingham and Will Smith being nominated for a shorty aw

The 10 Year Challenge - Friends & Nice Guys Episode 02
January 23, 2019

In Todays Friends & Nice Guys Podcast Jack And Callum Show 10 year old pictures of them in the new trend "10 Year Challenge" And Callum gets to show jack the Good Morning Julia Video! 

Friends & Nice Guys Episode 01
January 16, 2019

In This, The pilot episode of the Friends & Nice Guys Podcast, Callum And Jack discuss a number of very interesting things, such as Celebrities with youtube channels,