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Freudian Scripts

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In Mini Session with Reality TV
June 20, 2024

Are you ready for the most DRAMATIC episode of Freudian Scripts yet? Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran on the latest Reel Rounds mini-session as they dive into the scandalous world of reality television.

In Session with “Barbie”
June 06, 2024

Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran as they discuss the Barbie movie, reviewing Barbie's feelings, expectations, perceptions, and identity. Did you know that while you listen to this session, 3,738 Barbies will

Welcome Back Second Opinion with “Mr & Mrs Smith” & “Freaky Friday”
May 23, 2024

Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran are thrilled to launch the 5th season of Freudian Scripts with a Second Opinion mini-session on Freaky Friday and Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

In Session with “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
December 22, 2023

What's this?! Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran for a special holiday session about identity and holiday spirits!

In Mini Session with True Crime
November 03, 2023

Join Dr. Sam and Fran as they explore why we like true crime through the lens of Only Murderers in the Building and Based on a True Story.

In Session with “Wednesday”
July 20, 2023

Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran as they discuss individual and family therapy in the Addams Family's world.

Celebrating 50 Sessions with “50 First Dates”
June 15, 2023

Join Dr. Sam & Dr. Fran as they launch their 50th session featuring the romcom, 50 First Dates!

In Session with “The Patient”
June 01, 2023

This week Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran discuss what happens when a psychologist is kidnapped by a murderous patient who demands therapy. They review potential diagnoses, treatment approaches, and even a famil