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Free Your Inner Guru

Self-Sovereignty: A Journey for the Strong of Heart

November 26, 2017

The core of the self-sovereignty journey is a shift in how you see the world.
Becoming self-sovereign doesn’t mean you have to buy an island and set up your own republic. You are the republic and its authority.
Claiming your authority means becoming sovereign in your consciousness, and not going along with things - including your own thoughts -that are harmful to you.

The process of reclaiming your personal power and becoming self-determined is for the strong of heart. It requires stripping everything away, right down to your core.

In this podcast, we explore:

the relationship between self control, locus of control and happiness
how to reclaim your personal power by taking responsibility
the good, the bad and the ugly of personal responsibility
discernment as the key to self-sovereignty
causes of disconnection from your inner wisdom
how to reconnect with your inner guru

I know you’re probably listening to this podcast on the go, so what I’ve done is create the Free Your Inner Guru Guidebook, a free downloadable which will help you apply everything I’m sharing with you in a practical way.
The guidebook includes a
• A 9 step process to Define Your Why
• 2 ways to identify where you're giving your energy away
• 2 tools to reclaim your power
• 5 ways you can connect to your inner guru
• An action plan so you can apply your wisdom
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Mentioned in this episode:

Download your Free Your Inner Guru Guidebook - Click here


“The relationship between happiness, self-control and locus of control” Ramezani and Gholtash (2015)  - Click here


The Sovereign Individual by William Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson on and

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