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Marc Lesser: Leadership is a True Mindfulness Practice
October 02, 2019

CEO Marc Lesser is on a mission to make mindfulness an essential practice of leadership. Marc Lesser is a speaker, workshop leader, and executive coach. Marc is known for his engaging, experiential presentations that integrate mindfulness and emot...

Martha Henderson, OLY: The Real Gold is in the Journey
September 18, 2019

Martha Henderson is an Olympian, keynote speaker, and host of the Rising Tides Speaker Series. Martha Henderson represented Canada with her sailing team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. As an Olympian, the pursuit of excellence is in her blood.

Lisa Mattam: Finding Equilibrium in Life and Business
September 04, 2019

Lisa Mattam is the CEO of Sahajan, an evidence-based natural skin care line based on the 5000 year old science of Ayurveda. In this interview, Lisa shares the milestones and the challenges of her journey from strategic consulting in the pharmaceutic...

Sonya Cote: We Are Here to Connect
August 20, 2019

Sonya Cote wants you to own your body and connect with others. On this week's episode of Free Your Inner Guru, Laura is joined by Sonya Cote.  Sonya is an actress, singer, speaker and author of I’m Not Naked (Anymore): Memoirs of a Contemporary Jezebe...

Carly Pollack: Feed Your Soul from the Inside Out
July 23, 2019

In her book Feed Your Soul, Carly Pollack combines practical guidance on what to eat with timeless wisdom. Being a conscious leader requires focus, clarity, and energy. In this episode, Carly Pollack and Free Your Inner Guru host Laura Tucker explore w...

Mark Coleman: The True Promise of Mindfulness
July 09, 2019

Mark Coleman is a mindfulness teacher, wilderness guide, and author. Mark Coleman is the author of From Suffering to Peace, Make Peace with Your Mind, and Awake in the Wild.  As a rebelious young man living in London,

Summer, Self Care and Embracing the Unexpected with Shaun Proulx and Laura Tucker
June 29, 2019

Happy Summer of Self Care! Shaun Proulx:  What is the number one thing you did to get to the place you're at now since we last saw you? Laura Tucker:  I think it's really been letting go of the idea of wanting to be who I was. In this episode: -

Avra Fainer: The Power of Performance in Everyday Moments
May 23, 2019

Avra Fainer is a performance and presentation coach who knows first hand the importance of becoming more self aware and sharing your story. When Avra Fainer was at the peak of achievement in both acting and business,

Ivanka Siolkowsky: The Life-Changing Power of Decluttering and Gratitude
April 29, 2019

Ivanka Siolkowsky, The Tidy Moose, shares her journey from the classroom into closets in this compelling conversation about the power of your physical environment. Ivanka Siolkowsky is a former elementary school teacher whose life was transformed when...

5 Life Lessons from the Yoga Mat
April 12, 2019

What happens when you return to the mat after a 10 year hiatus from yoga? Free Your Inner Guru™ host Laura Tucker shares five life lessons from fifty returns to the mat. - What happens when you return to the mat in the middle of a bout of vertigo?