Frankly Speaking with Tyra G

Frankly Speaking with Tyra G

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A Voice From the Future with Tommi Crump and Tommi’s Tales
December 16, 2020

How do YOU spell Legacy? - Ray Bradbury believes, “Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built, or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted.

Frankly Speaking with Robyn McCoy about her new understanding of the past, the present, and the promise while going from wife to widow.
November 06, 2020

What happens when you have to be light in the darkness? - “At night, the ocean can be a huge dark place. When riding the seas, you can never know for sure if the water will be calm or turbulent. You never know if you will drift off course or run agrou...

Moments of Mindfulness: A place to call home with Suzanne Hanger.
October 22, 2020

I agree with the saying, "A house is not a home". Home is more than bricks and mortar. Home is a feeling, a place we make with friends and family, A home provides refuge, and joy, and peace, and safety, A home knows when it's you turning the key.

Moments of Mindfulness: And Nothing Less; Truth is of No Color
September 24, 2020

 “The 19th Amendment had first been introduced in Congress in 1871. But Congress’ unwillingness to pass it meant women could only vote in states that had passed woman’s suffrage laws. By 1919 that had come to include 27 states, but not New Hampshire.

Moments of Mindfulness: Pandemic Myth Busting with Dr. Valda Crowder
September 10, 2020

“You can call it a germ, you can call it the flu, you can call it a virus. You know, you can call it many different names. I’m not sure anybody even knows what it is.” – President Trump- - Why do some people get really sick, but others do not?

Moments of Mindfulness: An audio meditation experience with Sherrell Moore-Tucker
September 04, 2020

During the pandemic, have you been feeling intimate with physical, mental, emotional uncertainty and unrest? It seems that everything that can be shaken is shaking, where noise, angry noise appears to be drowning out laughter and love. -

Moments of Mindfulness: How do you spell HOME with Gale Morgan of The Mather?
September 01, 2020

How have you changed how you feel about HOME in the last six months? - During the pandemic, HOME has become forever energy posing as classrooms, daycare, science labs, offices, churches, gyms, potential technological nightmares, playgrounds,

Moments of Mindfulness: “Love in Action” with the late Congressman John Lewis and NPR’s Krista Tippett
August 12, 2020

First  Corinthians 13: 4-8 says “Love is patient and kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices in the truth. ...

Reflect, Restore, and Reposition with Brandon Cosby of OAR
March 29, 2020

JAIL is a result, event-driven, choice involved, power stripping, a visible shift. - However, within the jail cell inside each inmate is the power of transformation. Transformation is process-driven, choice involved and resides internally. -

Reflect, Restore, and Reposition with author Margery Leveen Sher
March 27, 2020

“America is an idea. It is a culture of tolerance. All different colors and religions can live in coexistence. All can contribute positively. This idea must be a leader in the world. This idea must be preserved. If anything happened to this idea,