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Reading, Writing and Racism
July 26, 2021

Our nation’s 4th grade and 8th-grade students’ standardized math and reading comprehension scores have remained flat over the last 20 years. Frankly, it’s embarrassing for a nation that spends $721 bi

Exposing the Cracks in Critical Race Theory
July 13, 2021

Parents across the nation are banding together to confront School Boards and Superintendents about Critical Race Theory. Parents are increasingly aware that this twisted ideology has no place being ta

Immigration Fault Lines & False Root Causes
July 05, 2021

We all know a house divided can’t stand. Those running the White House are counting on this. To that end, our Southern border has been purposely set wide open. The consequences of unbridled, multiple

If only Donald Trump were still President
June 29, 2021

If only Donald Trump were still President, our second amendment would be staunchly defended by the President and the Department of Justice. If only Donald Trump were still President, our military woul

American Pandemics
June 21, 2021

The most radical Democrats in Congress, acting more like American Marxists, look to this influx of under-educated, financially destitute, non-English speaking, marginally employable migrants with young dependents as a means to correct our white-dominat...

Gain-of-Function and Anthony Fauci Under Fire
June 14, 2021

Dr. Fauci, increasingly referred to as duplicitous, is under siege for his possible role in removing the government’s moratorium on the ethically questionable research on pathogenic viruses using “gain-of-function” techniques.

Fauci’s COVID-19 Follies for Dummies, Part IV
June 08, 2021

Prominent Senators and other politicians are calling for Dr. Fauci to step down or be fired. Revealing fact patterns found in 3,200 of Dr. Fauci’s emails obtained by the media are fueling wild speculation. What was once touted as a conspiracy theory,

Biden’s & Fauci’s COVID-19 Policies for Dummies, Part III
June 01, 2021

Importantly, we’re back to questioning the origins of COVID-19, and the most likely scenario is that there was a laboratory accident in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology sometime in November of 2019. The Chinese have been totally opaque and uncoopera...

Biden’s COVID-19 Policies for Dummies, PART II
May 25, 2021

The political left has drawn battle lines in support of Big Brother Government! The battle has begun for freedom versus coercive control. Given that vaccinated people cannot transmit COVID-19 and can no longer get COVID-19,

Facemasks and Biden’s COVID-19 Policies for Dummies
May 17, 2021

The Biden administration has continued to use fear and scare tactics to convince Americans that only Big Government can rescue them from the evil perils of this deadly pandemic. Unfortunately, the mainstream, established,