Frangela: The Final Word

Frangela: The Final Word

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Idiot of the Week - 8/28/23
August 28, 2023

This week's biggest idiots: a man gets pummeled while filming a selfie during running of the bulls, a Chinese zoo denies allegations that a star attraction is just a man in a sun bear costume, the Coa

Idiot of the Week EXTRA - 8/11/23
August 11, 2023

Frangela is taking the day off, so instead of The Final Word, here is a special episode of Idiot of the Week! Stories include: Man threatens to kill former coworker over Facebook friend request refus

Idiot of the Week - 8/7/23
August 07, 2023

We ain't got no helpy-helpy for the stupid-stupid! Check out these idiots: a hit and run suspect accidentally shoots himself while fleeing, a tourist ignores warnings and dips foot in hydro-thermal po

ARRAIGNMENT!!!!!! - Ep 313
August 04, 2023

For the third time in four months, Donald J. Trump is being arraigned! We take you through the justice and talk Rudy, delusional thinking and Former AG Barr's conveniently timed outrage! Enjoy the jus

Idiot of the Week - 7/31/23
July 31, 2023

There are some crazy idiots out there: a passenger is charged with attempted murder after ticket counter scuffle, an Aussie family is attacked by monkeys in Thailand, a man sticks his penis in ant nes

The Language of All Wars First Start With Words - Ep 312
July 28, 2023

This week, are we going to let ourselves actually boil in the ocean before we do anything about climate destruction? Mitch McConnell is a sickness in our sick system. Rudy Giuliani admits that he "ma

Idiot of the Week - 7/24/23
July 24, 2023

The animals have taken over! A goat captured after weeks on the loose in Nebraska, mail delivery service suspended in Texas neighborhood due to dive-bombing hawk, a bull wandering on the streets of Cl

The Best Leak In The World - Ep 311
July 21, 2023

This week we explore the realities of our unequal justice system as we watch the media game out Trump criminal charges like that makes ANY sense. We talk climate destruction and we ask the eternal qu

Idiot of the Week - 7/17/23
July 17, 2023

So much stupid: police search woman's backpack and find baby racoon and glass pipe inside, woman caught in airport carrying dead boyfriend's ashes in sex toy, adult-store shopper tries to steal 30-inc

Just Keep Trying - Ep 310
July 14, 2023

This week we ask the following questions:What's wrong with Gov. Kim Renolds of Iowa? And Tennessee... and Ohio get it.Should Leslie Van Houten, a onetime follower of Charles Manson and con