FPEA Connects

FPEA Connects

Plan Your Year

July 08, 2021

Plan Your Year– Episode 96
Join FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn and Sharon Rice for this episode where we discuss tips and thoughts on planning your homeschool year.

Top priorities

⁃    Create a plan to plan

⁃    Implementing change

⁃    Creating routines

Choosing the constants

⁃    Weekly things (play dates; family dinners/game nights; meal planning/prep)

⁃    Sports

⁃    Drama

⁃    Church activities

⁃    Family time


⁃    Highlight the seasons (early, middle, high)

⁃    Book lights (reading lists)

⁃    Oh the places we’ll go! (Field trips)

Love to learn

⁃    Experiences

⁃    The environment

⁃    Excitement

⁃    Educate (curriculum)

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