Foster & Motley : A podcast about Wealth & Life

Foster & Motley : A podcast about Wealth & Life

Are Bonds Back? With Thom Guidi, CFA and Sarah Conwell, CFA

July 26, 2023

Are you curious about the role of bonds in an investment portfolio and how they react to economic shifts?  

In this episode, Thom Guidi, CFA, and Sarah Conwell, CFA, delve into the crucial lesson of incorporating bonds into your investment strategy and what the benefits are. While bonds serve as a protective measure during bear markets and deliver a consistent income stream that is less influenced by economic and stock market risks, there are no gaurentees. In 2022 both stocks and bonds faced challenging times. Join us as we explore what happened and why bonds reacted the way they did. 

Thom and Sarah share more about:

  • The importance of investing in bonds
  • The current bond market 
  • How the inverted yield curve impacts portfolios
  • Foster and Motley’s approach to bond investing
  • And more


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