Foster & Motley : A podcast about Wealth & Life

Foster & Motley : A podcast about Wealth & Life

What’s The Best Trip You’ve Ever Taken? with The Foster & Motley Team

July 05, 2023

We are traveling around the world with the individuals of Foster and Motley! 

Join us as we traverse the globe, guided by the insights of Zach Binzer, CFP®, Niki Williams, Joe Patterson, CFP®, Rachel Rasmussen, MBA, CFA, CDFA®, Nick Roth, CFP®, Sara Young, CFP®, Zach Horn, MBA, CFP®, CMFC®, Tony Luckhardt, MBA, CFP®, CRPC®, and Betsy Wolking, MSM.

In this episode, a few of the employees at Foster & Motley transport us to their most cherished vacation destinations. From the enchanting landscapes of Spain to the cultural wonders of Cambodia and Thailand, team members share their personal anecdotes and unveil the essence of what made these voyages truly extraordinary. 

The team shares about:

  • Unforgettable moments that will forever hold a place in their hearts
  • The remarkable impact of good company, elevating the entire travel experience to new heights
  • Key destinations they explored, inspiring you to add them to your own bucket list
  • And more


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