Foster Your Enthusiasm

Foster Your Enthusiasm

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Episode 32
December 30, 2019

We talk about Toxi relationships and enviornments. We talk about leaving things into 2019 and ent...

Episode 31
December 10, 2019

We Talk Lizzo, relationships, Hip-Hop Drama, and more!!!!

Episode 30
November 18, 2019

We talk climate change, politics around the world, corruption, Chik-Fil-A, being an Ally, and the...

Episode 29
November 13, 2019

We talk Andrew Yang, a four Day work week, Productivity in the workplace, talking religion and re...

Episode 28
November 06, 2019

We talk about the Byron Allen Supreme court case, Weed treating mental health, Black rappers hold...

Episode 27
October 22, 2019

We Talk HBCU VS PWI Homecoming experiences, Using the N-word in different cultures, and additiona...

Episode 27
October 07, 2019

We Talk Tyler Perry and potential opportunities for black artist, the NBA and China issue, The or...

Episode 26
October 01, 2019

We Talk potential impeachment of the Orange turd, Fabricating story about racism and discriminati...

Episode 25
September 03, 2019

We talk Andrew Luck and Self care, The orange guy and Hurricane Dorian, Resiliency within the bla...

Episode 24
August 27, 2019

We Talk corruption with the Orange PResident, The Earth suffering, Amazon fires, Big Pharam payin...