Fortress On A Hill (FOH) Podcast

Fortress On A Hill (FOH) Podcast

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This Is Not A War Story panel – Ep 136
March 23, 2023

Jovanni talks with director / actress Talia Lugacy and actors / anti-war activists Kevin Basl and Jan Berry about the inter-generational connections shown in This Is Not A War Story, []

The end of the Vietnam War w/ Prof. Bob Buzzanco – Ep 135
March 16, 2023

Professor Robert Buzzanco joins us to discuss the end of the Vietnam War, to include fragging and dissent among the troops, the horrors that came with the Christmas bombings, and []

Preview of bonus episode – The Ghost Riders of Baghdad – Chapter 4
March 04, 2023

This is Chapter 4 of Dannys first book, The Ghost Riders of Baghdad. If youd like to hear the rest, please consider becoming a patron at

John Kiriakou – Ep 133
February 07, 2023

Henri talks with former CIA officer and whistleblowers John Kiriakou about his career, his time working on the Iraq Desk, the Obama-era war on whistleblowers, and even a bit on []

2022 Year End Wrap Up w/ Jake Tucker – Ep 132
January 21, 2023

We take some time to discuss our thoughts on 2022 / early 2023 with a whole host of subjects: Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, reproductive freedom / justice, and a lot more. []

The Reid technique w/ Dr. Jeff Kaye – Ep 131
January 10, 2023

Dr. Jeff Kaye joins us to discuss the Reid interview and interrogation technique, used by police departments around the world and often criticized for its ability to allow false confessions. []

Our Veterans w/ Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early – Ep 130
December 06, 2022

Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early from the Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute stop by the podcast to discuss their new book, Our Veterans: Winners, Losers, Friends and Enemies on the New []

South Korea war games and American militarism w/ KJ Noh – Ep 129
December 02, 2022

Journalist and political analyst KJ Noh joins us to discuss all things South Korea, including a mountain of war games, the billions of dollars poured into the South Korean military []

Reproductive freedom / justice and abortion access in the U.S. military – Ep 128
November 15, 2022

Shiloh Emelein and Rachell Tucker joins us to discuss the state of reproductive justice and abortion access within the U.S. military. We cover the Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court, []