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Fork the Product

023 – Elena Sinelnikova & Natalia Ameline – CryptoChicks

March 31, 2020

In this episode, we sit down with Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline, co-founders of CryptoChicks - a self-financed non-profit changing the lives of women and youth around the world through education and mentorship around blockchain and AI. Elena and Natalia started CryptoChicks after getting a huge turnout for a blockchain meetup they organized in Toronto in 2017 to help other women to navigate through Blockchain technology.

CryptoChicks supports women and youth in Canada, USA, Bahamas, Pakistan, Switzerland, Dubai with education, hackathon events and mentorship. They also created mentorship programs, such as CryptoChicks Hatchery to help women start their own businesses. As a result of their fantastic work, CryptoChicks was nominated for the Blockchain Company of the Year Award at the Canadian FinTech and AI Awards in 2018 and 2019 as well as the Diversity Initiative of the Year at the inaugural Women in IT Awards Canada in 2019.
It was fantastic to hear Natalia and Elena describe their journey to get CryptoChicks to where it is today and what their efforts look like at hackathons such as ETHDenver. 

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