For A Green Future

For A Green Future

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Episode 270: For A Green Future "Solar Breaking Through in Ohio?" 042824 Episode 272
May 01, 2024

Joe DeMare talks about the joys of camping in Wisconson, away from artificial lights. Then he int...

Episode 269: For A Green Future: "The Beauty of Native Planting" 042124 Episode 271
April 25, 2024

Host Joe DeMare travels to Benton Harbor, Michigan to take on the zombie Palisades nuclear power ...

Episode 268: For A Green Future: "Indigenous Wisdom VS Royal Bank of Canada" 041424 Episode 270
April 18, 2024

Joe talks about his impressions of the eclipse and the seeming lack of bees.  We discuss PFA...

Episode 267: For A Green Future: "Eclipse!" 040724 Episode 269
April 11, 2024

Joe DeMare talks about the upcoming eclipse, and about the proven mental health benefits of getti...

Episode 266: For A Green Future: "Have a Green Easter!" 033124 Episode 268
April 04, 2024

Another great show! Joe discusses Easter and the renewal of life in the springtime. He interviews...

Episode 265: For A Green Future: "Eco-Heroes!" 032424 Episode 267
March 27, 2024

In lieu of a guest, Joe DeMare talks about famous environmentalists from the past and the present...

Episode 264: For A Green Future "Wild Rice Versus Nukes!" 031724 Episode 266
March 19, 2024

Joe DeMare talks about wolf hunting and global warming, tying them together. Then he interviews J...

Episode 263: For A Green Future "The Great Salt Lake!" 022524 Episode 263
March 15, 2024

Host Joe DeMare responds to listener emails on Marcy Kaptur and particulate heat storage. Next, h...

Episode 262: For A Green Future "Talking Turkey in BG!" 031024 Episode 265
March 12, 2024

Joe DeMare talks about the controversy over wild turkeys in the city of Bowling Green. It's an ex...

Episode 261: For A Green Future "Columbian Coffee and Monkeys" 030324 Episode 264
March 07, 2024

Joe DeMare talks about his trip out west, visiting the Great Salt Lake, Bryce Canyon National Par...