Food Issues

Food Issues

S5:E10: Picky Eating Myths-Debunked!

April 12, 2022

Between tons of websites, social media, and books, there’s a lot of information and advice available for parents of picky eaters. Unfortunately, a lot of it isn’t evidence-based or true, leaving parents to feel frustrated and think that getting their kids to eat better is a lost cause. 

In this episode, I sat down with Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Kids Eat in Color®, a public health company that helps parents reduce mealtime stress and help their kids eat better. 

We talked about why there’s so much conflicting information about feeding kids, and Jennifer debunks many of the common picky eating myths such as “kids will eat when they’re hungry,” and “just keep serving the same foods and they’ll eventually try it.” You’ll walk away feeling reassured that you’re doing a great job as a parent and that there is hope no matter how picky your kid is.

1:48 Let’s talk about your story!

3:11 What exactly is “picky eating,” and how common is it?

4:25 What are myths around picky eating severity?

8:52 Why do you think there’s so much conflicting information for parents about feeding kids?

16:54 Let’s start debunking the myths. The first one is: all kids are picky eaters.

17:44 “My child’s pediatrician said everything is fine, so I’m not going to worry.”

20:43 A child needs a certain amount of exposures of the same food until they’re willing to try it. 

23:40 Picky eating is a phase.

25:14 Is there research that shows that if kids are picky eaters they’ll continue that way into young adulthood?

27:27 Kids will eat when they’re hungry. 

29:39 There’s so much shame and guilt put on parents today and they feel picky eating is their fault.

32:56 Pureeing vegetables and sneaking them into meals will get kids out of their picky eating habits.

34:57 Put your child in front of the TV so they’ll eat. 

36:32 Talking about the health benefits of certain foods can encourage kids to eat them. 

39:32 Bribing kids with dessert can get them to eat the food you want them to eat. 


Julie mentions the scientific term for picky eating is food neophobia

Jennifer mentions that between 40% and 60% of parents say they have a child who is a picky eater.

Julie mentions pediatricians get about 24 hours of nutrition education in medical school. 

Julie mentions the “dessert deal,” coined by Dr. Dina Rose in her book, “It’s Not About The Broccoli.”

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