Food Issues

Food Issues

Season #2 Ep #6: Best Healthy Eating Habits

July 06, 2021

Most parents know their kids should get plenty of protein, eat their fruits and vegetables, and limit processed foods, but when you have picky eaters or you’re concerned about what your child eats and how much, feeding kids healthily can seem impossible. In this episode, I sat down with Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, CPT, a nationally recognized nutrition, diabetes, and fitness expert, and an author and speaker. Erin and I talked about how to get your kids to eat more variety, how to introduce new foods, and the best healthy eating habits for kids.
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6:20 What were mealtimes like in your family when you were a kid?
7:57 What do mealtimes look like in your home today?
9:07 Why is it important for parents to stress less about feeding their kids?
10:47  How can parents make getting a healthy breakfast on the table easier and faster?
12:44 When you’re trying to get kids to eat more variety and try new foods, why is it important to offer only one new food at a time?
14:26 How should parents serve new foods?
15:17 What do studies show about the number of exposures to new foods?
19:03 What should parents do when kids refuse to eat?
20:39 How can we give kids choices?
27:23 What are the benefits of cooking with kids?
29:25 How can we make cooking with kids easier?
31:47 What are the benefits of family meals?
33:44 How can you make time for family dinners with sports and after-school activities?
36:30 How do you deal with family members who use devices at the table?
38:16 Why is eating at a table so important?
40:57  Should we teach kids about portion sizes?
43:09 Why should parents avoid negotiating, bribing, or using food as a reward?
45:02  Should we avoid labeling foods as “healthy" and “unhealthy” and “good" and “bad?”
46:26 What are some of the basic nutrition tips for kids?
47:42 How can we get kids to drink more water and limit sugary drinks?
50:14 Is sneaking vegetables a good idea?
52:17 How can parents balance processed foods and treats with real foods?
53:50 What is food chaining?
54:55 Should we teach mindful eating and intuitive eating to our kids?
56:20 How do can we break the cycles of emotional eating that were common during the pandemic?
58:00 What are your favorite habits that parents can do to encourage healthy eating? 

Erin talked about using a silicone muffin pan for serving snacks.
Erin mentioned using bento boxes like these from Bentgo for meals on the run. 
Julie talked about the book, “It’s Not About The Broccoli,” by Dina Rose, PhD.
Erin’s mentioned her recipe for Ninja Turtle Green Veggie Muffins.
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