Casting Off with Sailing Followtheboat

Casting Off with Sailing Followtheboat

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Apps or Chart Plotter: Which is better?
April 06, 2024

[S04E26] In the apps or chart plotter debate, some say apps have already taken over from chart plotters. Do you agree? We believe the right apps can improve our cruising experience and make life more comfortable at sea, they may

Guaranteed Reasons Why Your Cruising Dreams Will Fail
March 22, 2024

This is no random made-up list of why your cruising dreams will fail. It is based on what we've actually witnessed since we began sailing and cruising in 2005.

Sourcing Boat Parts in Remote Places
March 08, 2024

Sourcing boat parts in remote places. Anchored off a remote island and your engine fails, what do you do? How do you source an engine part? Or fuel? Maybe you need water...

Animals on Boats | Good and Bad
February 25, 2024

There will always be animals on boats, whether you want them there or not. To live on a boat means living with nature: on land in the sea and in the air. Some are friendlier than others and will make

6 Tips For Stress-free Cruising and Sailing
February 11, 2024

This week were giving away 6 tips for stress-free cruising. Things that make long-term cruising life a more comfortable experience.

The Southeast Asian Giant Puzzle
January 13, 2024

This is our attempt to unravel the 'giant puzzle' that is Southeast Asia...

Sailing Across the Indian Ocean Nearly Broke Us (and Our Sailboat)
December 17, 2023

When we left the Maldives end May 2013, we had no idea that sailing across the Indian Ocean would be the most difficult thing we have ever done. It nearly broke us, and our sailboat.

Where Have We Sailed in the Last 17 Years?
December 02, 2023

We've just completed 17 years of cruising and travelling the world aboard our sailboat. It's been an adventure full of surprises!

How to Use Still Images in Video
November 18, 2023

Are still images important in video? It's all about street photography, street portraiture and travel photography in this week's podcast. And we ask whether stills have a place in videos.

When Should You Start Cruising? JFDI!
November 04, 2023

Do you want to be a cruiser? Are you planning to become a cruiser? Stop thinking about it! JUST FLIPPING DO IT!